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Our paver company is a top-rated one here in Orlando and we’re excited to show you why. The answer is a simple one. Our paver contractors work only with top materials, offer only the best customer service, and we’ve developed an installation process that has been tested and proven to work quickly and efficiently.

You can choose from quite a lot of materials for your next expert paving job, like granite, crushed marble (travertine) and asphalt. If these don’t fit your style, that’s okay! There are really a whole bunch of options for you to choose from. Contact our Orlando paving company contractors about your material of choice. We’ll talk to you about your budget as well as other material options that may be more cost-effective to you. We’ll also give you the info you need on proper maintenance and upkeep. There really isn’t a better choice out there for your next paver job than the top paving company in Orlando, Florida – we’re just telling you straight.

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A lot of results pop up when you search paving company near me. Probably tens of millions. With so many options literally at your fingertips, you might be hesitating about which paving company in Orlando, FL you want to go with. We’re going to alleviate that burden and that stress from you right now. Wanna know how? Just go with The King Pavers Co! We’ve got a team of the best paver contractors in all of Orlando! We’ve got paver installation, repair, refinishing and resurfacing all covered and for a great price.

We know that we have to do more than the rest in order to be the best. That’s why we offer a wide array of materials for you to choose from for your paver installation or resurfacing jobs. Choices like old Chicago pavers, travertine, brick, concrete, granite, cobblestone and more.  This is just a small sample of the possibilities you can choose from concerning Orlando paver installation. Our company specializes in paver jobs for your outdoor space, walkways, driveways, patios, pools, decks and more. Would you go to an important meeting with a dirty shirt? Of course not! Then why would you let customers’ first impression of you be a messed up driveway? Call our company to fix those pavers, stat.

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As time passes, everything around us and about us needs a repair or a sprucing up eventually. We repair ourselves by taking time to relax and of course, wash ourselves. Our top Orlando hardscape and paving company will do the same for your pavers on your outdoor space, pool, driveway, walkway, patio and more. We’ll take care of all of that and leave you with the know-how you’ll need for upkeep and maintenance. Call our paver company for a free, fair estimate today!

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