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When you decide to go with a top local pavers company in Orlando, Florida, you are making a good decision. We can't promise that if you search up paving company near me you will get good results, but we can promise that if you go with us, you will. Our team is packed with expert paving contractors and design specialist who will come to your poolside and add pavers that will give your home a beautiful new look. There will never be a paver out of place when you ask us to come by. Your pool parties will be on and poppin' whether you choose interlocking or brick pavers.

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The time for a patio paver installation has come! The money has been saved and you’ve got a fantastic spot in mind. Now you need to find a paver company that can deliver on its word and delivers you an amazing patio. Well, you’ve got the right one right here with The King Pavers Co. We’re the best hardscape and paving company in all of Orlando, FL, and you can count on us when it comes to patio installation as well as professional paver installation for your pool, outdoor kitchen, walkways, driveways and more. We’re always a step ahead of our completion. Why? Because we don’t rest until our clients have a beautiful patio they’ll love to entertain friends in.  Our team of licensed paver contractors and designers work hard so you’ll get the best design, every time.

Whatever material you want, you can have! Request it and we’ve got you covered. Choose from a variety of materials including brick, travertine, old Chicago pavers, granite, cobblestone and much, much more. There’s no limit to what we can do! Tell us what’s on your mind and we promise to deliver a patio worth hosting in.


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Expert Patio Paver Installation in Orlando, FL

It’s always reassuring when an experienced  professional whose livelihood is doing the work for us is…. Well, doing the work for us. When we say that our paver contractors are professional. This is the case with our whole team of paver contractors. Our team has years of experience paving in Orlando and we know our stuff.

Let’s say that you now have the patio you’ve envisioned. But time has passed. Who can help you when it’s time for your patio to be repaired? Maybe your patio paver is out of place, or they’ve lost the wonderful color they’ve once had. Has your patio lost the appeal it once gave to you space? Well, no need to worry! Orlando, Florida’s best patio paver repair company is here to make your patio like new again. If your patio is worse for wear because of sun-fading, harsh weather, mildew, erosion, dirt, or debris, your pavers are probably losing the battle against damage. Put the oomph back into your pavers with a patio refinishing or repair right now!

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You don’t even remember when your patio was first installed. You’re thinking to yourself, “Is it time to look up paving companies near me?” If looking at your patio has made you sick or want to cry on multiple occasions, it’s time to call the professionals of Orlando’s best paving company for a refinishing or resurfacing job that’ll give your patio the once-over-all overhaul. Switch it up with a composite material or paving stones like brick, interlocking pavers, travertine, cobblestone, granite, concrete and much more. Refreshing your exterior will definitely take a load off, so call us today for a five-star patio paver repair, installation, resurfacing or refinishing job today!

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It is all about the materials. As you can see by my examples, more expensive does not always equal better. You do not have to go with a random paving company near me because they are more expensive and therefore better quality. Our paving company costs less but has better materials and a better installation process than anybody else. We have a team full of pro paving contractors that can give you a patio that you love to sit on! It is about time we stop sitting on and settling with these broken up patios and being okay with the fact that they are not okay! Would you go to a restaurant and eat half-cooked food? So why sit on a half put together patio? It just does not make sense or add up. It is time to call a team of professional hardscape and paving company contractors to come over to your home or business and fix up those patio pavers today, Don’t wait, call now.

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The patio is the quintessential part of any home or business. Without it... you are certainly missing out. A patio is such a nice place when you just want to step out of your home and take a breather. If you go with our professional hardscape and paving company, you will get much more than a patio; you will get your dream patio. You will want to sit out there every day whether it is cobblestone, brick, old Chicago pavers, interlocking pavers or travertine. The best part of going with us though and not a random paving company near me result is, we have no hidden fees.