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Driveway Resurfacing in Orlando, FL

It’s time for you to get a beautiful driveway installed. You can get one for your home or your business. Your guests come in contact with your driveway every time they come by. So do your customers. Make their parking a pleasurable experience with a driveway that’s free from lumps and bumps. Make it a smooth, enjoyable ride. How can you make this possible? You don’t have to do it alone. With the five star services of The King Pavers Co, anything paver-related is perfectly possible! Our paver contractors are experts at driveway resurfacing, and our techniques tested with years of experience will make sure that the job is done quickly and with expertise!

Our hardscape and paving contractors are the best you’ll find in Orlando, and we’ve been around the block with driveway resurfacing. When it comes to any paver repair you need to get done, spend the money in the right place and go with our paver company!


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Would you like a look into Orlando’s best-paving company’s driveway resurfacing process? We knew you would! The first step is giving your driveway cleaned thoroughly and properly. It’s very important to clean the driveway up, down, left and right before beginning the resurfacing process. Concerning any outdoor renovation, cleaning first is usually what goes on. Before you stain a piece of furniture, you sand it. Also, before we apply surfactant on your driveway, we’ll want to give it a good thorough clean. A power spray across the surface will do fine. Once everything is squeaky clean and ready to go, we can get going on your driveway resurfacing. These are one of the factors we give careful attention to when doing Orlando driveway resurfacing.


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Wind and rain are deterrents to any driveway resurfacing job here in Orlando. We’re a top paver company, so we understand the importance of monitoring the weather before starting driveway resurfacing. We take action against bad weather. Even though we want to work as fast as we possibly can, we don’t want to do this if there’s a chance that the job could go wrong. Our professional paver contractors will not start any work on your driveway until they can be sure of 48 hours of clear weather. That’s because no matter what top-quality material you choose to resurface with, the surfactant we use needs 24 hours to bond properly. That’s why we’ll make sure there will be as much as 48 hours of clear weather before we begin. Then there will be no chance that your resurfacing won’t go well and last a very long time. It would be unfair of us to charge you for our mistakes or wasted time. No matter what the material, whether its cobblestone, concrete, or old Chicago pavers, the surfactant needs to bond properly for the job to get done right. Call us today for a free quote on five star Orlando driveway resurfacing!