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We have a great team of paver designers and contractors here in Orlando, Florida that will deliver a driveway that goes with your style and doesn’t break the budget. We’ll be by your side for every part of the job, including giving you advice on how to the best maintain and upkeep your space. Even though you have the best paver company in Orlando, Florida installing pavers for you, it’s your job to do proper maintenance on them.

It’s time to get your quote game on! We start our expert paver installation process by giving you a free quote on the job you want to get done. By measuring your driveway and sending us the dimensions, we’ll be able to estimate how much your job will cost. To be extra sure, we’ll come by and re take those measurements so everyone is on the same page. We definitely don’t want to charge you for surplus materials. Does this all sound good to you?


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The King Pavers Co will give you the best driveway around. Our paver contractors work only with top-quality materials. This means that whether you choose travertine, old Chicago pavers, interlocking pavers, granite, cobblestone, concrete or any material on your mind, we’ll deliver a paver job that’ll leave you speechless!

Our company has a staff of licensed, fully-trained paving professionals. It means that no matter what we happen to be installing pavers here in Orlando, FL, the spectacular quality will always be so and more so than that of our competitors. We give you quality of work that you won’t be able to get with any other paving company in Orlando, Florida. If you don’t believe us, believe in our years of experience and our extensive portfolio. Just don’t go with a lesser company and waste money.


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Our Orlando paver company will give you the driveway, patio, pool, outdoor kitchen, other outdoor space, walkway or pathway you’ve been waiting for! We like to say that our contractors are known for only working with top-quality materials, and that’s because it’s true! We don’t like to point fingers, but some of our competitors can’t make these promises. They may embellish the truth at times. With our company, you can be sure that we’re always on the straight and narrow. When you let us get our hands on your driveway or patio, you’ll definitely be glad about the result!

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Don’t expect to get a great final product from less than great materials. We never like it when we spend money on an article of clothing and it doesn’t last a long time. What could be worse than spending up to thousands of dollars on driveway or patio pavers and be stuck with a job that’s full of visible and not visible mistakes? The frustration, the stress you’ll feel! You don’t want that for yourself, and we certainly don’t want that for you. Don’t settle for just anything that pops up when you search paving companies near me.