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Are you considering getting a new driveway or patio? What’s the condition of your driveway pavers? Have they see better days, but you haven’t even noticed them? Are your pavers at the point where they’ve just “Always looked that way?”

When it comes to driveway paving, or any paver installation and repair job we do, our company only uses top-quality materials for the project. Which means that you should call us for any kind of new paver installation that you might need!

Our professional paving contractors are fully-trained and equipped with all of the knowledge they need in order to carry out their job. The kind of work we do for Orlando driveway paver installation is unmatched by our competitors. We always bring great energy and enthusiasm with our services.  You can ask us anything about the Orlando paver installation processes and we’ll be glad to help you understand. Having a good and healthy business relationship with a paving contractor is important as it leads to trust. We feed that relationship by offering more; more materials to choose from, including cobblestone, brick, travertine, concrete, asphalt, granite, and interlocking pavers. We also can do an installation on every outdoor amenity you can think of, including your outdoor kitchen, pool area, patio, walkway, driveway and more. We’re definitely one of Orlando's top paver companies, but we’re more than just that. When you choose us, you’re choosing to have the home you’re dreaming of!

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Our paving company really understands the importance of paving your driveway. The driveway is often the first things people see when they approach your property, right? So it should be a beautiful representation of you! Our professional – contractors are experts at driveway installation and they really want to share that expertise with you. Although you may be disappointed at the results of searching ‘paving company near me’, we can assure you that we are a professional hardscape and paving company. If something unfortunate happens to your pavers and they become damaged, call us and we’ll come in for a repair right away. Whether your property is a residential or commercial one, we’ll get the job done. In all of this, working with high-quality materials is a priority. If you decide to hire a company that doesn’t put enough importance on using the best materials, you might wind up with a driveway paver installation you’re not happy with. Don’t waste money – choose our expert driveway installation company that’s been serving the people of Orlando for years.


Best Asphalt Pavers in Orlando, FL

It’s about time you got yourself a free quote for your next paver installation or repair project. Is about time you paved your driveway, or do you own a walkway that is super cracked up? It doesn’t matter what you need, or whether it’s for your home or business. It all begins with a free estimate of the cost of the job. If you have a repair in mind, our licensed paving contractors need to come by and assess the damage. For a driveway installation, we’ll need you to measure the driveway and then send those dimensions in. We’ll come by and double-check them of course, just to make sure everything checks out. After all of this preparation, it’ll be time to make your driveway the best in Orlando, FL.



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Pool Paver Installation in Orlando, FL

Imagine going into your kitchen and grabbing your favorite chilled beverage. You take that beverage along with a few other relaxation articles and head outback. Are you looking at a beautiful patio that is just begging you to sit down? Or are you looking at a patio that’s been long plagued by chips, cracks, weather damage, erosion and mildew? Do you see a few pavers that you’ve mentally marked in order to not trip over them accidentally? If that’s the case then you need to call our company for an expert patio repair as soon as possible. A back patio is meant for relaxation and rest, not worry and stress!

Orlando Patio Paver Company

A great patio is a major exterior amenity in the home. If your patio has been bleached by the sun or cracked from time and wear, or if you simply don’t even have a paved patio, our suggestion would be to get a professional patio paver repair or installation. You can choose any material you like including old Chicago pavers, cobblestone, travertine, brick, interlocking pavers and more. Call our professional Orlando hardscape and paving company for information on what we can do with other materials you may have in mind.

Orlando Expert Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Most of us have set out the grill for a little outdoor eating fun. Maybe if you’ve been in charge over it there were many times when you had to hop from the kitchen and back outside in order to keep the party going. As a result, you may have missed a lot of the party! Well, miss the fun no longer when you hire Orlando’s best paving company to fix you up an outdoor kitchen you’ll adore. Are you surprised? You didn’t think the best paving company around only had paver installation, resurfacing, refinishing and repair in their toolbox, did you? We know that the value of your home and quality of life can take a big boost when you have an outdoor kitchen installed. We take care of everything from the pavers, the appliances and the cabinetry so you won’t even bat an eye.


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Orlando Custom Outdoor Kitchen Paving

A pool is a beautiful addition to any home or business with its inviting, blue sparkly water. Maybe you’re known for throwing the best pool parties, and you think you have the best pool in Orlando. What if we told you that we could make your pool an even better place to hang with a gorgeous paver installation? Would you race to search up ‘paving companies near me’? Would you spend a whole day combing through sub-par Orlando paving company after sub-par paving company? Well please, before that happens, just stop right where you are. You’ve already found the best paving company in Orlando, Florida to design and install beautiful pool pavers on your property. Wow, we sure saved you a lot of tie just now!


Orlando Resurfacing, Repair, Refinish, & Sealing Services

Do not allow your paver investment to go to waste by allowing them to remain cracked, chipped or dirty. If you see that your pavers are looking less than stellar, do not allow them to stay that way! It may not seem like a lot, but if you allow your pavers to remain in a bad state, it will bring a bad look to your business and to your home. Now, it’s time to get your pavers fixed! Do not just go with a random paving company near me, go with the top rated paving company in Orlando, Florida. We will give you a professional resurfacing, repair, refinish and/or sealing job.

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No matter what we do, we do our absolute best while doing it! If you bake a cake, make dinner, wash the dishes, whatever it is you do, if you don’t do it to the best of your ability, it won’t be as good as it could be; ya know? So, when you go with a paving company, make sure it is the best paving company in all of Orlando, Florida or you will not be getting your money worth! Our contractors are professionals, so you will never be disappointed when we come down to your commercial or residential property. The only thing we ask you is to be prepared; because when we come to your home or business, you will be so impressed our pavers you will keep calling us again and again.

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Your budget is as important to us as it is to you. We make it our responsibility to ensure that you’re not overcharged. Even though we do a really great job, it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of cash. High quality-materials, fully professional paver installation and customer service that’ll make you do a double-take are all yours without spending bags of cash. Our expert paver contractors will not cheat you by charging you for material surplus – we can’t promise the same for our competitors here in Orlando.


Need a contractor that is reliable and can make sure to arrive on time when they are scheduled? Our crew is fully mobile and is always driving around town to get from one site to another. We like to plan out routes to see how long they should take, which can be used to understand how to organize a team of contractors across the city of Orlando.
Here are some details about the times it might take to get from one important area to another. All of these are approximately 20 min drives under normal conditions.

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The King Pavers Co is located on 9209 Murcott Ct #C1, Orlando. From Orlando International Airport (MCO) head north on Access Rd/Jeff Fuqua Blvd and use the right lane to merge onto FL-528 E via the ramp to Cocoa/Kennedy Space Center/Florida 417 Toll/Sanford Ucf/Port Canaveral to merge onto FL-528 E. Then use the right 2 lanes to take exit 16 for FL-417 N to merge onto FL-417 Toll Nand and continue onto Central Florida GreeneWay/Eastern Beltway. Next, continue onto FL-417 Toll N/Central Florida GreeneWay/Eastern Beltway and keep right at the fork to stay on FL-417 Toll N. After that, use the middle lane to take exit 37B for FL-417 N, keep right to stay on Exit 37B, and follow signs for W University Blvd to merge onto University Blvd to m. Finally, turn left onto Valencia Grove Ln and The King Pavers Co will be on your right.

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